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Jose Mourinho wants Manchester United return: Pros and cons

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There are unlikely stories, and then there’s Jose Mourinho wanting a Manchester United return thinking that he has “unfinished business”.

The Daily Mail’s report caught the football world by surprise and with Erik ten Hag on thin ice due to players returning from injury and mitigating factors disappearing, the report is sure to catch fire.

However unlikely as it might be, would it be a good move though? We look into the pros and cons of such a move for both, the club and the manager-

Mentality monster

The irony of using this phrase coined by Jurgen Klopp is not lost on the author. However, the truth remains that this United team is notoriously flaky, a quality which has seemed even more pronounced under Erik ten Hag.

Granted, when United fell under Jose, they did so in free fall but when he was at his peak at the club, the Red Devils were a comeback machine.

His penchant for getting experienced heads in the dressing room and toughen up the players in the face of adversity ends in only one of two ways. Either they mature as players and people, creating mentality monsters, which is a pro, or the opposite happens, which we will talk about soon.

Serial trophy-winner

Before Erik ten Hag won the League Cup last year, Mourinho was still the last manager to win a trophy at Old Trafford. In fact, he won two in his maiden year (Jose will argue it was three, counting the Community Shield). United’s last European triumph is under his name and since his departure, only embarrassment has followed United in Europe.

Even his Roma spell, which ended badly, had given the club their first trophy in 11 years, and first European honour in more than 50.

No matter how his tenure ends, trophies always precede it (Tottenham remain an exception because of course, they do).

A new structure 

Mourinho’s biggest gripe with United when he left, one which would be shared by his fellow ex-United managers, is the aimless executive structure around the club.

The Daily Mail states that the biggest thing driving his desire to return is the opportunity to work with INEOS.

Having already captured Omar Berrada, INEOS is making moves to rectify decade-old problems in the structure which would empower any manager. Mourinho thrived at Real Madrid where Florentino Perez ran a tight ship, same with Abramovich at Chelsea. United are finally arriving in the 21st century, so Jose wants to lead it.

A relic

You used to know what you get with Mourinho. An immediate surge of positivity, trophies to follow, a bust-up, collapse, and a spectacular sacking.

However, as his job at AS Roma shows, maybe the true elites of football have had enough of Mourinho. His philosophy on football seems outdated in the present dynamic, attacking, and free-flowing ways.

His style of man management, where he pushes players past their comfort level, either creates winners, as mentioned earlier or alienates them completely.

That’s why when he fails, it happens with remarkable quickness and depth. Can INEOS afford to start their new era with such a manager who is prone to self-destruction at a moment’s notice?

Departure from the future

Even if INEOS are willing to do this deal with the devil in exchange for a boosted start to their tenure with a trophy or two, this appointment will be in stark contrast to the noises coming from their camp.

Sir Jim and his team have stressed at every opportunity that the club has vast untapped potential which hasn’t been fully realised.

A new era and a fresh way of working has been advertised. That message would stand in direct opposition to hiring a manager who was here almost a decade ago.

Ultimately, it does seem like this report is just fanciful thinking on Mourinho’s part. However, if it were to happen, fireworks are guaranteed.

Source : FootTheBall

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