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Long Overdue Look at a Husky Football Victory

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Long Overdue Look at a Husky Football Victory

The University of Washington football team’s 45-20 victory over Kent State on Saturday night at Husky Stadium was the platform for a coaching debut, a fresh start for the players and a welcome season opener for the fans.

It was also brought the end to a four-game losing streak that did unfathomable damage to the program, beginning with one of the most pivotable games in Husky history — a 2021 home game against Oregon.

On that day against the Ducks, the UW coughed up an early lead, had a head coach go beserk, had an offensive coordinator coach his way into unemployment and the players came out of saddled with a 26-16 defeat to their annoying rivals. 

This past Saturday, at least for a pleasant fall evening in Seattle, new coach Kalen DeBoer undid much of the damage wrought by Husky predecessor Jimmy Lake’s reckless actions and/or general lack of success while running the program. 


Skylar Lin was on the sideline chronicling the Huskies’ first victory in just over 300 days.

Following consecutive losses to Oregon, Arizona State, Colorado and Washington State to close out last season, UW players were finally photographed being happy and joyful again, moving from one celebratory scene to another.

The Huskies went 303 between victories, a football lifetime. 

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Skylar Lin, the newly enrolled University of Washington student and a talented photographer for our Inside the Huskies site, which is part of the Sports Illustrated network, was there to roam the sidelines and end zones and capture happy Huskies.

Check out his accompanying gallery. 

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Source : Sports Illustrated

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